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About Us


PANCOM began its operations in 2016. Branching off from industry giant – ECN, PANCOM has triumphantly created a footprint worthy of industry accolades. Initially specialising in Telecoms, with a combined 150 years of sales, operations and technical industry experience, PANCOM offers a holistic multitude of products and solutions putting us at the forefront of industry.


Offering an absolute service from the onset. Upholding integrity together with sound business concepts, ensuring lasting relationships with both customer and supplier. Establishing a solid and dynamic environment within our team.


  • Surpass expectations for our business partners
  • Attentive to the needs and concerns of our customers
  • Overcome challenges in a technologically advancing industry
  • Loyalty to our partners
  • Staff training and growth development
  • Caring for our communities and the environment


Pancom started in early 2000 as Panasonic Business Systems, this was under Reunert Limited and at the time the sole importer and distributor of the Panasonic brand.

On 1 July 2016 Panasonic Business Systems became Pancom (Pan Business Communications) (Pty) Ltd an independent entity.

Pancom is also an authorised ECN dealer, ECN, a subsidiary of Reunert Limited, was founded in January 2005 with the specific aim of exploiting the impending liberalisation of the South African telecommunications market.

PANCOM strives to provide a high level of service excellence and quality products supplied by partners to our valued clients. We believe that integrity together with sound business concepts is the basis of forming meaningful partnerships with our staff, stakeholders, clients and suppliers.

Our Values:

  • Going the extra mile for our business partners
  • Listen to the needs and concerns of our customers and stakeholders
  • Overcome challenges in a technologically advancing industry
  • Best team effort, must not be compromised
  • Accountability to our stakeholders
  • Loyalty to our partners
  • Training and developing our staff for improved efficiency
  • Empathy towards our clients every need
  • Caring for our communities and the environment


All our Products & Services come with a first class technical team to support them!

PABX Systems

Pancom offers scalable PABX solutions as well as complete end to end communications solutions.


Fully integrated and customised VoIP solutions. Save your business time and money by using Voice over IP.

CCTV Solutions

Keep your property secure by remotely monitoring your home or business with the latest CCTV technology.


We offer a variety of world class copiers. From multi-function printers to colour printers, scanners and more.


Pancom offers high quality internet solutions available in the market ranging from LTE, Wireless, Microwave, Broadband and Premium Fibre ensuring comprehensive internet connectivity for your business.

IT Services

We provide quality IT services. Enjoy the flexibility of an IT consultant as and when needed, saving you time and money.

LOW Call Rates!

Lowest call rates in the industry, WITHOUT COMPROMISING ON QUALITY!

Migration Services

Stuck on outdated expensive technology, WE CAN UPGRADE OR MIGRATE YOU!

Maintenance Solutions

Outsource your maintenance & support, OUR EXPERTS WILL LOOK AFTER EVERYTHING FOR YOU!