Access Control Systems For Business

Pancom’s access control solutions offer businesses the ability to track and monitor employee and visitor activity at all times. Through our comprehensive physical access control solutions you will be able to secure your assets, facilities, networks and cloud resources.

Building Access Control for Businesses

If you are looking to do any one of the below then Pancom offers the right access control products for you:

  1. Provide a safe environment for employees, visitors and contractors
  2. Identify who is in your building
  3. Control access to highly secure areas within the building

The types of access control solutions that Pancom offers include the following:

  • Biometric Authentication such as
  • Contactless facial recognition
  • Access cards and access tags
  • Building Management Systems
  • Management Software

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Controll Your Access

From safety, to crowd control to timesheets. Put the power back in your hands.
Control Access


Client safety is our number one priority. WE WANT TO KEEP YOU SAFE

Key for Information

Keep track of employee's whereabouts. AND ENSURE A SAFE WORKING ENVIROMENT


Give only key personal access to stock. AND ENSURE YOUR PROFITS WONT WALK OUT