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Wireless (Microwave) Internet

Wireless is quickly becoming a household name in South Africa as more and more households and businesses opt for a wireless means of internet access. So, what is Wireless or Microwave Internet? Microwave internet is a line-of-sight wireless communication...

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What is Fibre Internet?

It’s no surprise that the movement of information has played a critical role in the development of our world. We have become accustomed to the idea of data being sent in multiple ways. A wired cable carrying sound from our voices into a wall socket when...

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Hosted vs Panasonic Digital Hybrid PBX

With an everchanging Telecoms environment, more and more emphasis is placed on a Virtual Pabx as a replacement to the legacy premise based pabx. Both have a vast list of pros and cons and there is still a market for good old Digital Pabx Systems. Currently...

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