Keep your premises secure and safe at all times with the latest CCTV technology. At Pancom we can offer you cost effective and high quality solutions for surveillance and ongoing monitoring of your business or home.

Quality CCTV Systems.

We offer the best quality at the right price and with our latest analogue and IP technology. As a leading supplier of CCTV Security Camera equipment you can be assured we will provide the most suitable solution for your business monitoring requirements.

Range of CCTV Surveillance.

We supply a range of makes and models of CCTV cameras. Each type of camera is best suited to particular environment and surveillance requirements. Our range include Dome CCTV, IP Cameras and Thermal Cameras from leading brands.

Customised CCTV Solutions.

System design and the correct choice of CCTV solution is critical to successful installation and monitoring. Our highly skilled CCTV team will customise a solution to meet your monitoring requirement ensuring you peace of mind.
Full Installations and Support. We have a knowledgeable professional team providing fast, neat and reliable installation. We pride ourselves with having strong relationships with our customers and suppliers. Always on Security. Our CCTV equipment will offer your piece of mind 24/7 hours a day, 365 days a year. Contact us today to discuss your CCTV requirements.

CCTV technology

What are the benefits for a PANCOM CCTV system?

  • We give you the ability to see everything that happens in an area of your choosing from wherever you are.
  • Maintain records of everything that happens where the camera is placed.
  • Studies has shown it can minimize the risk of a crime by 50%.
  • It is a much Cheaper security option which makes them cost-effective. As you can monitor it yourself. And do not need any upgrades for years.
  • Provides a feeling of protection and safety, depending on where its placed.

Do you need to keep an eye on everything?

Pancom can assist with the best in the market.

24hr Monitoring

Ensure your property, business and belonings are safe and watch out for intruders!

STATE of the ART

Stuck on outdated technology, WE CAN UPGRADE YOUR OLD SYSTEM!

No Fuss Installations

We can ensure that your Cameras are in the best place possible. FOR BETTER SECURITY SOLUTION!