Pancom offers high quality internet solutions available in the market ranging from LTE, Wireless, Microwave, Broadband and Premium Fibre ensuring comprehensive internet connectivity for your business.

Our internet connectivity products and services include:

Business solutions to suit your pocket and environment.

High quality equipment and technology.

Top class installation and maintenance.

Technical support.

Pancom’s Data Access solution is an offering which provides businesses with high performance and cost-effective Internet connectivity.

Client sites are connected to the closest Point-of-Presence (POP) via a dedicated leased line or wireless circuit. This connection provides users with fast and reliable access to the Internet, via our service provider’s national network. Access to the Internet is also unshaped, which means all protocols have equal priority whether it be used for web browsing, sending and receiving email, media streaming or downloading files.

Fiber Optic

Fibre is one of the most popular services for data in South Africa. Since its introduction it has revolutionised the internet of things, for many areas and industries. Since the core of the fibre is made of glass, it is immune to other wave interference. They are also resistant to erosion making them better than copper which is susceptible to rust. This makes Fiber Optic a long-lasting solution. Security should be the number one concern for every company. With fibre, it is exceedingly difficult to tap into the cable to access the data transmitted. And even if there is a break in the system it is easy to identify it as it will impact the entire system. And we can help you with Fiber in your area.


4G (LTE) Offering better speeds and uptime, this solution is for the mobile market where fiber is not ready or available yet. Connectivity via mobile is becoming more of a necessity and LTE can also serve as a backup connectivity solution for your business, as sometimes fiber cables can get damaged. Speed is the most obvious advantage when it comes to LTE. Increased bandwidth means much faster data transfer speeds. LTE networks offer more coverage and further coverage than Wi-Fi in major suburban and rural areas. LTE networks offer complete and secure privacy which is beneficial for your business.

Broadband Fiber

*Coverage & Network dependant
R 849
Starting from P/M
  • 30Mbps - From R 849.00 p/m
  • 50Mbps - From R1 149.00 p/m
  • 100Mbps - From R1 249.00 p/m
  • 200Mbps - From R1 749.00 p/m
  • 500Mbps - From R2 299.00 p/m
  • 1000Mbps - From R3 099.00 p/m

Enterprise Fiber

*Coverage & Network dependant
R 1 699
Starting from P/M
  • 10/10Mbps - From R1 699.00 p/m
  • 20/20Mbps - From R1 999.00 p/m
  • 50/50Mbps - From R2 999.00 p/m
  • 100/100Mbps - From R3 999.00 p/m
  • 200/200Mbps - From R5 999.00 p/m
  • 500/500Mbps - From R9 999.00 p/m
  • 1000/1000Mbps - From R16 999.00 p/m

Fixed LTE

*Coverage & Network dependant
R 210
Starting from P/M
  • 10GB - From R 210.00 p/m
  • 15GB - From R 250.00 p/m
  • 25GB - From R 290.00 p/m
  • 30GB - From R 350.00 p/m
  • 50GB - From R 499.00 p/m
  • 70GB - From R 550.00 p/m
  • 90GB - From R 799.00 p/m
  • 100GB - From R 729.00 p/m
  • 250GB - From R 999.00 p/m
  • 350GB - From R1 250.00 p/m

Broadband Wireless

*Coverage & Network dependant
R 1 120
Starting from P/M
  • 5Mbps - From R1 120.00 p/m
  • 10Mbps - From R1 440.00 p/m
  • 20Mbps - From R1 920.00 p/m
  • 50Mbps - From R3 250.00 p/m

Enterprise Wireless

*Coverage & Network dependant
R 3 899
Starting from P/M
  • 10Mbps - From R3 899.00 p/m
  • 20Mbps - From R6 340.00 p/m
  • 50Mbps - From R9 670.00 p/m
  • 100Mbps - From R12 199.00 p/m

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