Hosted vs Panasonic Digital Hybrid PBX

With an everchanging Telecoms environment, more and more emphasis is placed on a Virtual Pabx as a replacement to the legacy premise based pabx.

3 2Both have a vast list of pros and cons and there is still a market for good old Digital Pabx Systems. Currently Panasonic is one of only few pabx manufacturers left that produce and invest in Digital Hybrid Pabx Systems.
Pancom still offers Digital Pabx Systems, but takes advantages of the call saving benefits of VoIP with our Hybrid Panasonic Pabx systems. It features both analogue and digital extensions on site that is a lot more cost effective to purchase and deploy than the Ip based devices required by a hosted platform. Connectivity to the outside world is still via VoIP which is where the real saving happens.

Small and medium enterprises don’t always have the need for complex networks needed to run Hosted solutions and the Panasonic Ns 500 is the perfect solution for these market needs.

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